Don’t leave it to luck

Prepare for the financial reality of university life, before you land on campus.

Money Ready for Uni (MRU) is an online course designed to help you understand the financial case for going to university, and to prepare you for the reality of university life.

What’s included in this course

Why Uni?

Understand the benefits of going to university, gain clarity on the ‘degree premium’, and learn why studying at university makes sense financially.

Preparing for Uni

Ensure that money doesn’t get in the way of your university experience as we explain how to make the most of your cash in areas such as accommodation, budgeting and lifestyle.

Fees and Funding

Gain insight into the student finance process and understand how the system works with our clear, concise guide to tuition fees and student funding.

Budget calculator

Understand, and plan for, your financial circumstances at university with this easy to use budgeting calculator.

Student Loan Repayment Estimator

Discover the true cost of your student loan and see how much you will repay after graduation.

Parents’ Guide

Designed for parents and guardians of university students this mini course helps to understand the financial reality of university life from the perspective of the primary caregiver.

Scholarships and Bursaries Hub

 Access information about funding your might be eligible to apply for based on your location, course of study or universty choice. 

Understand Clearning

Wrap your head around the clearing process, including the new Clearning Plus to see what options are available and how they might affect you. 

Student Money Guide 

Prepare your funding and plan your expenses ahead of going to university so you can focus on studying and making friends, not worrying about money.

Over 70% of students* say they wished they knew more about finances before landing on campus — don’t let it be you.

*Save the Student 2018

Prepare for the financial reality of university life, before you land on campus.

Blackbullion is on a mission to provide independent financial education to prospective and current students, so you can make better-informed choices about your financial future.